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Revenant (Human Female)

Novice Path: Priestess of The New God

Expert Path: Cleric

Level 4


Strength: 13
Agility: 10
Intellect: 9
Will: 13

Perception: 9
Defense: 9 unarmoured, 17 armoured
Health: 31
Healing Rate: 7 (3)
Size: 1
Speed: 10
Power: 2

Damage: 0
Insanity: 5
Corruption: 0

Languages: Common (R/W/S), Dark Speech (R/W/S)

Immunities: Damage from disease and poison; diseased, fatigued, poisoned



  • Darksight
  • Eternal Returns
  • One Foot in the Grave
  • Shared Recovery
  • Prayer 
  • Conviction
  • Icon of Faith (Celestial) 



  • Medicine
  • Apothecary
  • Devotee
  • Gatherer
  • Academic Knowledge: Occult 




Religion: Cult of the New God

Religious Traditions: Celestial, Life


  • Rank 0: Burning Beam, Minor Healing (3 uses each/rest)
  • Rank 1: Cure (2 use/rest), Light Healing (2 use/rest), Persistent Light (2 use/rest)
  • Rank 2: Vitality Burst (1 use/rest), Seed of Life (1 use/rest) 


Age: 21
Human Background: You received an education. You know how to read the Common Tongue.
Human Personality: Your honor and duty guide everything you do.
Human Religion: You have (had) no religion.
Human Build: You are average in height and weight.
Human Appearance: You are perfectly average in appearance. You look like everyone else.

Revenant Cause of Death: Cultists sacrificed you to the Demon Lord.
Revenant Reason for Return: Duty or and oath (sent back by The New God).
Revenant Distinguishing Features: You never cast a shadow.

Revenant Unusual Behaviour:  If you speak when angry, another entity uses your voice to interject strange and unsettling words and phrases into your speech.

Priest Training: You were sent back from the dead to represent your patron deity in the world.

Personality Traits: Dutiful and Impulsive

Wealth: Getting by
Money: 7 ss, 2 cp, 5 bits

Gear: Dagger, Morning Star, Fine Clothing, Backpack, Cloak, 2 weeks of Rations, Waterskin, Coil of Rope, Tinderbox, 2 Torches, Healing Potion, Large Shield, Healer's Kit, Mail, Bedroll, Grapnel, Holy Symbol, Cutlery Set, Pouch, Cooking Pot, Blowgun w. 15 darts, Bow, Quiver w. 15 arrows, 


Interesting Thing #1: Three small white mice that whisper strange things to you while you “sleep”.
Interesting Thing #2: A glass jar holding a beetle covered in glowing spots (sheds light as a candle).




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Morning Star +3  1d6+2   
Dagger  +3  1d3  Short range
Large Shield  +3  1d3 Defence +2, Size 1
Blowgun  +0  1d3  Medium range, 15 needles
Punch +3 1  
Bow +0 1d6 Long range, 15 arrows
Burning Beam +3 +1b 1d6 Medium range, 3 castings before rest, includes Icon of Faith




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