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Ancestry: Clockwork
Novice Path: Warrior

 Level 2


Strength: 12
Agility: 8 
Intellect: 9
Will: 10

Perception: 9
Defence: 13, 15 w/shield
Health: 22 
Healing Rate:
Size: 1
Speed: 8 
Power: 0 

Damage: 0
Insanity: 8
Corruption: 0

Languages: Speak Common Tongue

: Damage from disease, poison, asleep, diseased, fatigued, poisoned




  • Key
  • Mechanical Body
  • Repairing Damage
  • Catch Your Breath
  • Weapon Training 
  • Combat Prowess
  • Forceful Strike 



  • Pioneer
  • Soldier
  • Tracker 


Age: 7
Purpose: Built for war
Form: Humanoid Clockwork, 6 Feet tall, weigh 300 pounds
Appearance: No facial features or distinguishing markings

Background: Choose a member of the group, that group found you and turned your key. You owe them a debt.

Personality: You search for meaning and purpose in a world in which you have no place

Warrior Training: Living on civilization's edges


Wealth: Getting By

 Money: 2 gc, 1 cp 8 ss

Gear: Dagger, Staff, Battleaxe, Shield, Hatchet, clothing, backpack, tinderbox, 1d3 torches, pouch


Interesting Thing #1: Bronze Plate with a name scratched in it ("Albus")

Interesting Thing #2: A glass eye



Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Battleaxe +2 2d6+2 Includes Combat Prowess 
Staff +2  2d6+1 Finesse, includes Combat Prowess
Dagger  +2  1d3 + 1d6 Thrown, finesse, Short range, includes Combat Prowess
Large Shield  +2  1d3 + 1d6 Defence +2, Size 1, includes Combat Prowess
Hatchet  +2 1d3 + 1d6 Thrown, Short range, includes Combat Prowess
Punch +2 1 Finesse 




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