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Ancestry: Human
Novice Path: Warrior

Expert Path: Fighter

Level 4


Strength: 12
Agility: 12
Intellect: 10 
Will: 11

Perception: 10 
Defence: 12, 16 w/armour and shield
Health: 32 
Healing Rate: 8 
Size: 1
Speed: 10
Power: 0

Damage: 0
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 0


Languages: Speak Common Tongue, Elvish

: None



  • Catch Your Breath
  • Weapon Training 
  • Combat Prowess
  • Forceful Strike 
  • Fight With Anything
  • Fighter Talent: Powerful Attack
  • Determined 



  • Saboteur
  • Nomad 
  • Slave 
  • Guard 


Age: 49

Background: You have a spouse and 4 children

Personality: You put your interests and those of your friends above all else. 

Religion: You belong to the Cult of the New God.

Build: Tall 
Appearance: You are perfectly average in appearance. You look like everyone else

Warrior Training: You learned the fighting techniques from a master warrior. You might have studied at a monastery or sought out a teacher in a far-flung land. 

Personality traits: Courageous, Cheerful, Arrogant.


History: Connor was born in Foundry and was recruited as a saboteur when he was 12 to work in the war between the many smelting operations. By 18, he grew tired of that life. Packing his things, Connor hit the road and travelled throughout the Northern Reach and a few other places in the empire.


When he was 23, this nomadic lifestyle came to an abrupt end as Connor was captured and turned into a slave. For five more years, he toiled under his masters, until a chance to escape presented itself. Pursued by his captors, Connor was saved by Caldheror, an Elven weaponmaster. The fey warrior took pity on the disheveled young human and taught him how to fight, as well as how to speak Elvish.


Connor spent two more years traveling, until he met Caitlin, a young farmer’s daughter who stole his heart. Connor married her and the two managed the farm when Caitlin’s parents passed away. With the birth of the couple’s fourth child a year ago, finances took a turn for the worst and Connor decided to look for work as a mercenary or adventurer. He’s been at it for the past three months and sends most of his earnings back to Caitlin. He hopes to score big soon so he can go back to his family.



Wealth: Getting By (but paid for Caitlin and family to be Comfortable)

Money: 2 gc, 4 cp 0 ss 

Gear: Equipment: You have a bastard sword, sword, large shield, hard leather armour, dagger, a staff, basic clothing, a backpack, a week of rations, a waterskin, a tinderbox, 2 torches, iron manacles, wheelock pistol, 10 shots, healing potion and a pouch. 


Interesting Thing #1: A fancy set of clothes bearing a curious stain

Interesting Thing #2: A bag of beans.



Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Bastard Sword +2+1b 3d6 Includes Combat Prowess, Cumbersome and Fight With Anything
Sword +2+2b 2d6+2 Includes Combat Prowess and Fight With Anything
Large Shield +2+2b 2d6 Includes Combat Prowess and Fight With Anything, Size 1, Defence +2
Staff +2+2b 2d6+1 Two-Handed, Includes Combat Prowess and Fight With Anything
Dagger  +2+2b 2d6 Short range, Includes Combat Prowess and Fight with Anything
Punch +2 1  
Wheellock Pistol +1+2b 3d6 (10 shots) Medium range, misfire, includes Combat Prowess and Fight With Anything





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