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Ancestry: Goblin

Novice Path: Magician

Expert Path: Wizard

Level 3


Strength: 8
Agility: 11
Intellect: 13
Will: 11

Perception: 14
Defense: 11 (12 w/armour)
Health: 14
Healing Rate: 3
Size: 1/2
Speed: 10
Power: 2

Damage: 0
Insanity: 1
Corruption: 2

Languages: Common (R/W/S), Elvish (R/W/S)

Immunities: Damage from disease; charmed; diseased


Note: Gets 5 boons to resist insanity due to forbidden magics.



  • Shadowsight
  • Iron Vulnerability
  • Sneaky
  • Cantrip
  • Spell Recovery 
  • Grimoire
  • Grimoire Casting 



  • Musician (percussion)
  • Fence
  • Academic Knowledge (folklore)
  • Academic Knowledge (occult) 




Traditions: Curse, Divination


  • Rank 0: Sense Magic; Hex: Pox; Eavesdrop; Epiphany (3 uses each/rest)
  • Rank 1: Pain; Jinx; Psychometry; Foretell ( (2 uses/rest)
  • Rank 2: Weakness (1 use/rest)
  • Grimoire Contains: Unerring Darts (Rank 1 Arcana Attack); Division (Rank 1 Teleportation Attack); Mind Stab (Rank 1 Telepathy Attack). 


Age: 23
Background: Spent 2 days thinking he was a fearsome dog 
Personality: Trying to stay alive
Build: Pudgy
Distinctive Appearance: Two extra fingers (one next to each ear so he can block his ears without using his actual hands)

Odd Habit: Saves all secretions, gifts them to people

Magician Training:  A witch took me on as an apprentice in return for service

Personality Traits: 
Generous, Imaginative, Aloof



Ruff (his new name, his old one is long forgotten) was an itinerant musician, but since there isn't much call for a soloist drummer outside of military units, and by drummer, I mean that Ruff likes to bash things together a lot to make noise (something that doesn't bother him, since he can stick his extra fingers in his ears if it gets too loud), so he dabbled a little in stolen goods (moving around as a pedlar when his music was not in demand), which got him into trouble a couple of times, but luckily (or was it?) while hiding from a mob he had the (mis?)fortune to be discovered by an old woman whose latrine he was hiding in (hey, he's a goblin), who turned out to be a witch, and when Ruff (still wasn't his real name back then, what was it, something or other, Bash? Pan? Something or other anyway) pleaded for mercy, the witch took pity / advantage and in return for doing all sorts of tedious, menial chores (which Plink (maybe?) didn't mind so much really), the witch (he never did ask or find out what her name was, the locals who visited always called her ma'am quite politely, real politely in fact) taught him a few tricks about divination (the main form of her income, though that suggests money, and which was more in terms of gifts, a pie here, a rabbitskin there, that sort of thing) and hexery (the other income stream, from people who didn't want help to get ahead, they just wanted their rivals to get un-ahead), and this went on for a while, with a few ups and downs of course, like the time the old hag turned Crash (was that it? I think it might have been) into a dog for a couple of days for something or other, you know, Ruff (that's where he got the name you know, from being turned into a dog, that was all he could say, or, you know, bark) is a goblin after all, they do get into scrapes, but anyway when visiting one of the local villages, Ruff was captured and held on some charges or other (Ruff isn't quite sure what they are, they're probably made up anyway, or real, since Ruff does, as has already been made abundantly clear, get into scrapes), but anyway, that's why Ruff is here in the hut with a guard outside waiting to be picked up by some men to be taken to some town or other for trial.

Oh, and Ruff tends to have a case of stream of consciousness / verbal diarrhea.


Wealth: Getting by
Money: 2 gc, 4 ss, 12 cp

Dagger, Crossbow and 10 bolts, Sling and 20 stones, Light leather armour, Basic Clothing, Backpack, week's rations, waterskin, tinderbox, 1 torch, healing potion, Religious token of a Spider Queen (If you fail a challenge roll required by a spell, triggered action to turn this into a success. 1 use per day)


Interesting Thing #1:  A pouch holding 5 pinches of diamond dust
Interesting Thing #2:  A bag filled with curiously fleshy rods




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Dagger  +1  1d3  Short range, finesse
Sling +1 1d3  Medium range, 25 stones
Crossbow +1 2d6 Long range, reload, 10 bolts
Punch +1 1 Finesse 
Division +3 3d6 (+1d6 roll 20+) Grimoire spell
Mind Stab +3 1d6+6 (+1d6 roll 20+) Grimoire spell. Can be cast as a triggered action for half damage.
Unerring Darts Auto 1-7 dmg over up to 3 targets Grimoire spell





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