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Variant Rules

Page history last edited by Adrian 3 years, 3 months ago

For this game we'll be using the variant rules from Unhinge the Mind and Battle Scars.


Unhinge the Mind

The key differences from the standard Insanity rules on p.201 of SotDL are:


  • More severe shocks can cause greater amounts of Insanity (up to 1d6), rather than just 1 if a Will challenge roll is failed, but are slightly easier to resist at Major or higher severity.
  • Creatures with the horrifying trait cause a greater amoutn of Insanity and are more difficult to resist dependent upon their difficulty.
  • You can now be inflicted by long-term madness which is a more significant version of the standard table on p.35 of SotDL.


Battle Scars

Every time a character is Injured (total Damage > half Health) or Incapacitated by a blow that does damage equal to or greater than their Healing Rate may take a more heinous wound. Roll 1d20 + half the group level to beat a difficulty of 10. On a failure roll 1d6: 1 means a major injury, 2-5 a minor injury, and 6 a mere near miss.


Some of the injuries are temporary setbacks (knocked prone, impaired by pain for a minute) others permanent maiming (limb loss, up to possibly instant death), with the latter normally only possible if it was a major injury.


We're not using the variant rules for what happens when a character is Incapacited, which basically just make the chances of death higher.

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