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Ancestry: Human

Novice Path: Rogue

Expert Path: Silhouette

Level 4


Strength: 10
Agility: 13
Intellect: 13
Will: 10

Perception: 13
Defense: 13 unarmoured, 15 armoured
Health: 24
Healing Rate: 6
Size: 1
Speed: 10
Power: 2

Damage: 0
Insanity: 5
Corruption: 2

Languages: Common (read and write)


Immunities: None



  • Trickery 
  • Nimble Recovery
  • Exploit Opportunity
  • Rogue Talent: Magic 
  • Gather Shadows
  • Shadow Blend
  • Shadow Guard
  • Shadowed Eyes 



  • Medicine/Surgery
  • Professional Storyteller
  • Heretic
  • Murderer
  • Occult 




  • Rank 0: Disguise, Nightfall Blade (3 uses each/rest)
  • Rank 1: Darkness (2 use/rest)
  • Rank 2: Shadow Monster, Glamer (1 use/rest) 



Generated background:

  • Ancestors were unexceptional, parents (still alive) live comfortably as ministers of a large heretical temple, only child
  • Middle aged, average height and weight (70", 160 lbs), homely appearance
  • Received an education as a child and can read and write Common, Religious Profession, saved some money as a doctor
  • Made a dangerous enemy, who actively seeks my harm
  • Someone I love was injured because of me

Generated personality:

  • Not particularly outgoing or withdrawn, can adapt to a variety of social situations.
  • Get on well with people close to me, neutral about others.
  • Desires Status, Fears Disgrace.
  • I obey the law and keep up my oaths when it suits me.
  • I am capable of good and evil, though I mostly see to my self interests and those of people close to me.
  • Cult of the New God, with strong religious convictions.


Rogue Training: Joined a thieves’ guild or assassins’ guild and learned my techniques from the guild masters.

Wealth: Wealthy
Money: 1 gc, 7 ss, 1 cp

Worn: Soft leather armor + small shield, fine cloak, well-made basic clothing, sickle, dagger, crossbow w/10 bolts in a quiver, pouch with pipe and tobacco (5), waterskin, coinpurse, wavy-bladed knife that when pommel is rubbed (triggered action) become invisible for a minute, unless you make an attack/cast an attack spell. 1 use per day.

Backpack: week of rations, tinderbox, lantern w/ 2 flasks oil, healing potion, healer's kit, book of surgery, garrote (hidden), cutlery set, lock picks

Horse: bedroll, 2-person tent, two sets of well-made basic clothing, noble's clothing, coil of rope


Interesting Thing #1: A shameful past
Interesting Thing #2: A silver mirror




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Sickle +3  1d6 Finesse 
Dagger  +3  1d3  Finesse, thrown, short range
Small Shield  +0  Defence +1
Punch +3 1 Finesse 
Crossbow +3 2d6 Long range, reload, 10 bolts
Nightfall Blade +3 1d6 Finesse, 3 castings before rest, extra 1d6 damage against target in shadows or darkness




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