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Page history last edited by Adrian 3 years, 9 months ago

Ancestry: Faun

Novice Path: Rogue

Level 2


Strength: 11
Agility: 12
Intellect: 11
Will: 9

Perception: 12
Defense: 12 unarmoured, 15 armoured
Health: 17
Healing Rate: 4
Size: 1
Speed: 12
Power: 0

Damage: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0

Languages: Common, Elvish


Immunities: None



  • Quick Step
  • Shadowsight 
  • Skittish 
  • Trickery 
  • Nimble Recovery
  • Exploit Opportunity
  • Rogue Talent: Skirmish



  • Hunter
  • Spelunker
  • Sailor  




Age: 19

Height and Weight: A full foot taller than most fauns, putting me at a majestic 5'6
Appearance: I look pretty avergae for a Faun

Background: I once warned a human village of a monstrous threat. I am always welcome there.

Personality: I truly believe if I put my best foot forward people will see the good in me.

Personaility Traits: He is vulgar yet idealistic.


Rogue Training: You trained with a group of bandits living in the wilderness.

Wealth: Getting by
Money: 7 ss, 1 cp


Hard leather armor, spear, bow w/20 arrows, dagger, sling w/20 stones,  basic clothing, backpack, week's rations, tinderbox with 2 torches, pouch, waterskin.

Interesting Thing #1: A Light shield with an unusual heraldic device upon it (Red goats mating on Yellow)
Interesting Thing #2: A small keg of Cobbler's Gob, an ale brewed in a village I “single-handedly saved”




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Spear +2  1d6 Finesse 
Dagger  +2  1d3  Finesse, thrown, short range
Small Shield  +1 Defence +1
Punch +2 1 Finesse 
Bow +2 1d6 Long range, 20 arrows
Sling +2 1d3 Medium range, 20 stones




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