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Ancestry: Orc

Novice Path: Magician

Expert Path: Spellbinder

Level 4


Strength: 10
Agility: 13
Intellect: 11
Will: 9

Perception: 12
Defense: 14 (16 w/buckler and armour)
Health: 27
Healing Rate: 6
Size: 1
Speed: 12
Power: 2

Damage: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 1

Languages: Common (R/W/S), Dark Speech (R/W/S)

Immunities: None



  • Shadowsight
  • Cantrip
  • Sense Magic 
  • Spellbound Weapon 
  • Spell Recovery 
  • Tough as Nails 



  • Soldier
  • Raider  
  • Scholar of Magical Theory 




Traditions: Arcane; Illusion; Conjuration


  • Rank 0: Arcane Armour; Magic Dart; Disguise; Clamour; Flash/Bang; Conjure Useful Item; Sense Magic; Spellbound Weapon (3 uses each/rest)
  • Rank 1: Thimblerig; Conjure Weapon; Conjure Feast ( (2 uses/rest)
  • Rank 2: Conjure Steeds (1 use/rest) 


Age: 15
Background: Communal childhood as a lackey to a more powerful orc
Personality: Trying to stay alive
Build: Average - 7' tall, 350lbs
Distinctive Feature: A foul stench, tusks are nubs, strange skin markings

Life Experiences: Someone important to you disappeared (Owen); New career: Raider

Magician Training:  Studied at one of the great institutions (Tower Arcane)

Spellbinder Story Development: Gods you serve (New God?) granted you knowledge to aid their divine work

Expert Path Objective: Make the lands and people safe



He was always just the same size as the other orcs, no runt. Their treatment still rankled, just because his tusks were nubs and because of the strange markings all over his body. He survived the training pits by making himself vital to a larger orc, Middenface, who learnt to value the advice Stenchridden gave. Having survived the pits he was sent on a final test. His year were sent to act as shock troops for an Imperial action. It was whilst there his strange markings caught the eye of a mage attached to the battle line. The mage took him as well when he returned to the Tower Arcane. Stenchridden would learn that the markings were some form of runic script which had fascinated the mage, Owen. Owen believed they gave Stenchridden magical potential and began training the orc. He picked up the rudiments of arcane magic and developed his skills into further traditions. He never believed himself to be seen as an equal by the other mages. He knew this when Owen had him pull a rabbit from a hat for a group of his colleagues to 'show off his skills'. He laughed along with the others – he knew that to give into his rage would only lose him his place here. Here, despite Ahriman's curse, he had magic, a chance for power, a chance for something more than a pointless death against the walls of some castle.

This chance lasted until Drudge cast the lifeless Emperor off his throne. When the capital erupted in fire the mages of the Tower looked to the orcs in their midst. Owen had vanished a short period before in pursuit of whatever search led him to obsess over Stenchridden's markings. Without his mentor to speak for him Stenchridden found himself unceremoniously magicked outside the Tower before he could even prepare himself. The experience of being denied everything he wanted drove him mad for a period and he let loose his rage. He indulged in the terrible slaughter, taking out his anger at the mages. He joined up again with Middenface and they led a gang of raiders out from Caecras. This life came to an end when the gang ran into an ambush. As everyone around him fell he tore a hole in reality and pulled out not a rabbit but a horse, riding for the horizon until it vanished beneath him a couple of hours later. He pulled himself, sobbing and half-mad, into a ditch where he spent the night. That night he dreamt of a lady in white, bleeding from many wounds, who offered him redemption. He awoke and found he could channel the insane rage bred into orcs instead into his weapons, preventing the terrible battle madness and allowing him to fight more effectively. With his senses returned, back came his craving to understand the markings on his body again and he set out to seek his mentor from the handful of hints Owen had left behind him.


Wealth: Getting by
Money: 2ss, 3cp

Gear: Sabre, buckler, scourge, soft leather, s
ling and 20 stones, emerald green basic clothing, cloak, backpack, week's rations, coil of rope, small keg filled with beer, pouch full of various teeth, 2 x healing potion, wanted poster of own face, bottle of rotgut, medallion inscribed with a mystical sigil (implement of magic).


Interesting Thing #1: Halfling's foot 
Interesting Thing #2:  Box of 12 cigars




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Sabre +3 1d6+1 Finesse
Sling +3 1d3  Medium range, 20 stones
Buckler +0 1 Defensive+1
Punch +3 1 Finesse 
Scourge  +3  1d6  Finesse 
Magic Dart  Auto  1d3+1  Long Range, 3 uses/rest 




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