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Ancestry: Halfling

Novice Path: Priest of Witchcraft

Expert Path: Paladin

Level 4


Objective: To destroy a terrible evil


Strength: 11
Agility: 12
Intellect: 11
Will: 11

Perception: 11
Defense: 12 unarmoured, 16 armoured w/shield
Health: 27
Healing Rate: 6
Size: 1/2
Speed: 8
Power: 2

Damage: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0

Languages: Common



  • Good Fortune 
  • Uncommon Courage 
  • Selfless Recovery
  • Prayer 
  • Divine Cause 
  • Divine Smite
  • Faith Healing 



  • Academic Knowledge: Medicine
  • Academic Knowledge: Nature 
  • Peasant Conscript
  • Trapper 




Religion: Witchcraft 

Religious Traditions: Fey, Life, Protection 


  • Rank 0: Minor Healing, Shrink Object, Secure Site (3 uses each/rest)
  • Rank 1: Cure, Fade (2 use/rest)
  • Rank 2: Repel Iron, Vitality Burst (1 use/rest)


Age: 27
Background: You have a large immediate family, with 9 members.
Personality: Humble and kind, but stingy.

Build: Pudgy porker

Appearance: Yet you carry it in an attractive way

Priest Training: Called upon to serve my patron in this world

Paladin Development: I was called upon to fight the enemies of my faith

Personality Traits: Humble and kind, but stingy.

Wealth: Poor
Money: 5 ss, 1 cp, 8 bits

Gear: Simple costume, cigars, small silver mirror, tinderbox, 4 candles, 4 torches, healing potion, backpack, grapple, bedroll, cutlery set, 10 yds of rope, 1 week's rations, waterskin, hard leather armour, large shield, spear, holy symbol.

Shrunk to 1/8 size: [Healers' Kit, crowbar, 2 spears, 2 person tent, 10' pole, cooking pot, trapper's tool kit, net]


Interesting Thing #1: A folding knife that always stays sharp
Interesting Thing #2: A shameful past, how promising

Interesting Thing #3: A box of cigars

Interesting Thing #4: A set of Fancy Clothes with a curious stain




Weapon  To Hit  Damage  Notes/Range
Spear +2  1d6 Finesse, thrown, range (short) 
Folding Knife  +2 1d3  Finesse
Large Shield  +1  1d3 Defence +2, Size 1
Punch +2 1 Finesse 




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