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Dead of Night

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Character Sheet


Unfortunately, not a .pdf. The plan is to print it A5 size, then it turns out about the same size as the Dead of Night book (after you fold it in half!)



Weapons and Equipment


Usually weapons and equipment have no mechanical effect in Dead of Night other than targetting a creature vulnerability or allowing use of a Specialisation.


Instead, weapons and equipment add a situational modifier of between +1 and +3, with a combined maximum of +5.


Taking weapons as an example, compare opposing characters and give the one with superior weaponry the bonus. As a guideline, versus an unarmed opponent:


Slight edge Knife, Axe-handle +1
Significant edge Sabre, Firearm +2
Overwhelming edge Flamethrower +3


When two characters face each other with different weapons which fall into the same category - e.g. a revolver versus a rifle - give an advantage based on the circumstances: the revolver-wielding character might get +1 if the shooting occurs at close-quarters in a hotel room and the rifle-wielding character if the shooting occurs at a significant distance.


If two equipment modifiers apply - say a character armed with a shotgun (+2) and wearing a flak jacket (+2) facing an unarmed, unarmoured opponent - then the combined advantage might go up, say to +3. A maximum of +5 applies at all times.


Some creatures may be immune to these weapons, or have weapons of their own. If they are natural weapons it may be easier to assume these are accounted for within the creature's existing Assault/Protect scores. For example, I would rule that firearms and other weapons have no extra effect on werewolves unless silver, but zombies are affected by weapons normally - although they resist with their 'Dead Already' specialisation.


As an option, instead of inflicting Survival point damage on a win, if the victim agrees, the victor could describe a weapon being destroyed or rendered inactive instead.

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