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Conspiracy of Shadows: Houserules

Page history last edited by Adrian 10 years, 2 months ago

General Rules Changes

These apply to the 2nd edition version of the rules.


Bonus and Penalty Dice

Bonus dice are added to the total as usual, but penalty dice don't subtract: instead, roll that many extra dice and pick the two lowest results. This reduces the effect of penalty dice. Bonus and penalty dice cancel one another.


Multiple descriptors do not stack: if a character has multiple suitable descriptors from attributes, skills, cover or ethnicity, only use one.



Additional factors influencing who acts first in combat.


Weapon Reach

Each melee weapon has a Reach rating, based on the length of the weapon. Compare relative ratings to come up with a bonus for the longer weapon equal to the Reach rating difference. In some circumstances, such as fighting in a cramped area, the bonus should be reversed.


Reach Rating

0     Fists, Knife, Shield

1     Shortsword, Small Club

2     Broadsword, Warclub, Mace, Battleaxe, Flail, Sabre

3     Bastard Sword

4     Spear, Stave, Two-Handed Sword, Great Axe, Polearm, Lance




Missile versus Melee

If the distance between the two groups is great, the melee side may not be able to attack in the first exchange or will automatically lose initiative. If the distance is closer give the missile-wielding side a bonus die.


Ready versus Unready

If one side has their weapons in an unready state - swords sheathed or arrows still in quivers - they suffer a penalty die.



Either the ambushing side automatically wins initiative or gets a bonus die for determining initiative.




Combat Manoeuvres

  • Beat, Bind and Disarm do no damage. Disarm is now -3, not -2
  • Stun, if successful, means the stunned character defends against the next attack with two penalty dice
  • Fighting from horseback gives the mounted character a bonus die.


Weapons and Armour

Compare relative ratings; the character with the greater weapon or armour gets a bonus equal to the difference affecting either attack or defend, as appropriate. In some cases this might reverse - a knife may be more useful than a sword in a tight space, for example.


Melee Rating

0          None

0.5       Cosh, Knuckledusters, Buckler

1          Knife, Club, Shield

1.5       Shortsword, Stave, Warclub

2          Broadsword, Mace, Battleaxe, Spear, Flail, Sabre

2.5       Bastard Sword

3          Two-Handed Sword, Great Axe, Polearm, Lance


Some weapons have half ratings: these indicate weapons superior to those beneath them, but inferior to those above. For example, a broadsword gets +1 on a shortsword and a knife, but a shortsword also gets +1 on a knife.


Off-Hand Rating

0          None

1          Main gauche, Swordbreaker, Buckler (ineffective versus bows, crossbows, firearms)

2          Shield (ineffective versus firearms)


Armour Rating

0          None

1          Jack, Gambeson (soft)

1.5        Brigantine (soft)

2          Mail, Lamellar (hard)

3          Cuirass (hard)


Missile Rating

0          Rock

1          Thrown Knife, Sling

1.5        Bow, Thrown Axe

2          Javelin, Horse Bow, Light Crossbow

3          Heavy Crossbow, Musket, Blunderbuss, Pistol




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